Bermuda Flag and Meaning

Flag of Bermuda

Flag of Bermuda

Bermuda Flag Meaning


Bermuda Overview

Population 60,000
Currency Bermuda’s dollars
Area 53 km²
Capital city Hamilton
Population density 1132.0 residents/km²

Archipelago consisting of 360 smaller coral islands with calcareous and porous soils. Bermudas make up 150 of these islands, of which 20 are uninhabited. The Gulf Stream heats the ocean around the islands and soothes the climate that attracts hordes of tourists, especially from the United States.

The People: About 60% of the population is of African descent; there are also descendants of Portuguese from Madeira and the Azores, mestizos and a minority of Europeans.

Religion: Anglicans 28%; Roman Catholic 15%; Methodist 12%; Adventists 6%; other religions 34%. (1991).

Language: English is the official language.

Political parties: Bermuda’s Unity Party; The Progressive Workers’ Party; The National Liberal Party; Green Party.

Social organizations: Bermuda’s Industry Federation; Association of Bermudas’ public servants.

Official Name: Bermuda

Capital: Hamilton, 1,000 residents. (2003).

Other important cities: George’s, 1,800 residents. (2000).

Government: Subject to the United Kingdom. John Rankin has been governor since December 2016, appointed by Queen Elisabeth II. Edward David Burt, Prime Minister since July 2017. Two-chamber system, consisting of: The 11-member Senate, of which 5 are appointed by the Prime Minister, 3 by the Opposition Leader and 3 by the Governor; and the Assembly of 36 members elected by direct election every 5 years. The prime minister appoints the government with acceptance from the governor.

National Day: May 24, Bermuda’s Day.