French Polynesia Facts

French Polynesia, formerly French Oceania, French overseas territory ( territoire d’outre-mer ) in the southeastern Pacific; 4,200 km², 286,400 residents (2018).French Polynesia encompasses 118 islands. The island groups of the Tubuai Islands (Australasia), the Marquesas Islands and the Society Islands (with Tahiti) are of volcanic origin, while the Gambian Islands and Tuamotu Islands are coral islands.

French Polynesia’s principal place of residence is Papeete (5,900 residents, 2010), located in Tahiti. The population is predominantly Polynesian. French Polynesia’s main export is copra. Tourism is significant. The territory belongs to the Mururoa Atoll, the site of several French nuclear weapons tests.

French Polynesia National Flag

French Polynesia Country Flag