French Guiana Overview

French Guiana (France)

French Guiana is located in the northeast of South America, near the equator, covering an area of 91,000 square kilometers. It has a population of 181,000, most of whom are of Creole descent. Residents are Catholic and French is the official language, with Creole also spoken. The currency was the French franc, but is now the euro. The capital is Cayenne.

French Guiana Flag

History Summary

After the French invaded in the 17th century, the British, Dutch, French and Portuguese competed with each other for control of the land, until the 1816 the French finally succeeded. In 1946, France announced that French Guiana was a French overseas provinces. In 1977 it was designated as a major area of France.

Economy and Culture Overview

French Guiana is a high and low-lying territory, reaching heights of up to 48 meters above sea level along the coastal alluvial plains, with other areas consisting of low-lying swampland. The mainland is comprised of plateaus, hills, valleys, and cloud-forests. The economy is reliant on forestry and fisheries. The main minerals are bauxite, kaolin, and gold. The land is fertile, mainly producing sugar cane, corn, rice, cocoa, and cassava. Around 90% of the land is covered in forest, with a variety of tropical hardwoods.

French Guiana Map

French Guiana Map

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