Category: Guide to Massachusetts

Massachusetts – The state with the two epithets (Bay State = Old on the Bay and Old Colony = Old Colony) got its name from the Indians of the Massachusetts tribe. Boston, one of the most historic locations in the United States, is the capital. The first pilgrims landed in Massachusetts in 1620 at Plymouth with their ship Mayflower and in 1684 it became an English colony. The Boston Massacre, which went down in history, took place on March 5, 1770, as did the Boston Tea Party (December 16, 1773), the reason for which was the increase in tea tax by the British administration. The Revolutionary War broke out in Boston on April 19, 1775, culminating in the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775. The English retreated to Halifax in Novia Scotia (now Canada). The state joined in 1788 as the 6th state in the United States. With John Adams (04.03.1797 – 04.03.1801). The sights: English-influenced Boston, Cambridge, Cape Cod, Plymoth and Lexington. The state is populated by approximately 6.7 million inhabitants.