Iraq Holidays

Iraq Public Holidays

Searching for the national holidays in Iraq? All public holidays in Iraq are treated like Sundays. This means that most of the Iraq employees have a day off and all schools are closed on these office holidays. If you are planning a trip to Iraq and want to know what the national and regional holidays are, check the details in the tables below.

Holidays in Iraq

List of Official Holidays in Iraq for Year 2020

# Date Holiday Name Day
1 New Year’s Day Wednesday
2 Iraqi Army Day Monday
3 Eid Norooz Saturday
4 Baghdad Liberation Day Thursday
5 Labour Day Friday
6 Eid al-Fitr Sunday
7 Eid al-Fitr Holiday Monday
8 Eid al-Fitr Holiday Tuesday
9 Eid al-Fitr Holiday Wednesday
10 Eid al-Fitr Holiday Thursday
11 Republic Day Tuesday
12 Eid Al-Adha Friday
13 Eid Al-Adha Holiday Saturday
14 Eid Al-Adha Holiday Sunday
15 Eid Al-Adha Monday
16 Islamic New Year Thursday
17 Ashura Saturday
18 Independence Day Saturday
19 Mawlid al-Nabi Thursday
20 Victory Day Thursday
21 Christmas Friday

List of Official Holidays in Iraq for Year 2021

# Date Holiday Name Day
1 New Year’s Day Friday
2 Eid Norooz Sunday
3 Baghdad Liberation Day Friday
4 Labour Day Saturday
5 Eid Al Fitr Thursday
6 Eid al-Fitr Holiday Friday
7 Eid Al Fitr Holiday Holiday Saturday
8 Eid al-Fitr Holiday Sunday
9 Eid al-Fitr Holiday Monday
10 Iraqi Army Day Tuesday
11 Republic Day Wednesday
12 Eid Al-Adha Tuesday
13 Eid Al-Adha Holiday Wednesday
14 Eid Al-Adha Holiday Thursday
15 Eid Al-Adha Holiday Friday
16 Islamic New Year Tuesday
17 Ashura Thursday
18 Independence Day Sunday
19 Mawlid al-Nabi Tuesday
20 Victory Day Friday
21 Christmas Saturday

Iraq Public Holidays

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