Central African Republic Overview

Country Profile

The Central Africa Republic is a landlocked country located in central Africa, covering an area of 623,000 square kilometers, and populated by 3.8 million people, including more than 60 tribes. Amongst these tribes are the Baja, Banda, and Bantu. Residents are primarily Catholic or Protestant, and the official language is French, with Sango also spoken. The currency is the CFA franc, and the capital is Bangui.

Central African Republic National Flag

The Central African flag contains the colors blue, white, and red, demonstrating the country’s historical relationship with the French, whose flag also contains these colors. The flag of Central Africa also contains green and yellow, symbolizing respectively the forest and the tropical grassland and desert. A five-pointed star in the top left-hand corner is a guide for the African people.

Central African Republic Country Flag

History Summary

9, a 16th century AD, had established Bangassou, Iraq and the slaughter Miao wax method the three tribes of the Kingdom. The country became a French colony in 1891. 191 O it was designated as part of the French Equatorial Africa Territory, according to the Ubangi-Shari. On December 1, 1958, Central Africa was established as an autonomous republic, and two years later, on August 13, 1960, the Central African Republic declared its independence.

Economy and Culture Overview

The economy is dominated by agriculture and industry, with more than 80% of industrial imports. It is rich in valuable timber, and diamonds, coffee, cotton, and wood are the four major economic pillars.

Central Africa’s staple foods are cassava, corn, millet, plantains, and palm oil. The African jungle provides hunting opportunities, and Central Africans generally eat out of a communal central pot. Regarded as a taboo food in non-human animal totem. Men and women must not eat together. As such, children and their mothers eat together, away from adult men. Visiting relatives and guests must also be separated from the opposite sex. The family members of men and women can share in the same room in two meals, but a different surname must be divided in two rooms of men and women.

African Wildlife

The hot climate and abundant rainfall provides the right conditions for rainforests and savannahs. Tourist hot-spots tend to focus on areas of profuse wildlife, with popular attractions being National Parks. In addition, the luxury palace of emperor Bosak Kelong Ge, mysterious stone villas, and other cultural sites are also of interest. Among them, the Macon National Park contains black rhino, antelope, dogs, large pangolins, the Nile crocodile, and the magnificent elephant.

Central African Republic Map

Central African Republic Map

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