Category: Guide to New Mexico

New Mexico – The Spaniards called the area west of the Rio Grande New Mexico in the 16th century. The state, populated with approximately 1.2 million inhabitants, is nicknamed “Land of Enchantment” (Land of Enchantment). Franciscan Marcos de Niza first came to this area in 1539 in search of gold. The first settlements emerged in 1598, these were San Juan Pueblo and Santa Fe. The indigenous Indians like the Comanches, Apaches and Navahos fought bitter battles with the settlers. In the end, they were spared the fate of the reservation. One of the largest Indian reservations in the United States is in Mesa County. As the 47th state, New Mexico was incorporated into the United States only in 1912. The capital is Santa Fe, the destination of the Missouri Santa Fe Trail. The stalactite caves at Carlsbad (Carlsbad Caverns) are a popular travel destination.