Where is Marshall Islands Located?

Where is Marshall Islands located on the map? Marshall Islands is an independent nation located in Micronesia. Check out the following images to see location of Marshall Islands on maps.

Marshall Islands Location Map

Marshall Islands Location in World Map”. On this map you can see the location of the Marshall Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

You probably haven’t heard of the Marshall Islands. But you may know a small island, or rather an atoll, by name: the Bikini Atoll. Because that’s part of the Marshall Islands. The bikini got its name from this island.

The Marshall Islands belong to the Micronesia archipelago. They are located in the western Pacific Ocean. There are more than 1200 islands spread over an area of ​​2.1 million square kilometers. The island nation of Kiribati borders the Marshall Islands in the south and the Federated States of Micronesia in the southwest. In the northeast and east nothing borders on the Marshall Islands – here it goes into the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.

The islands are called Aolepān Aorōkin M̧ajeļ in Marshallese.

The land area of ​​the five larger islands and 29 coral atolls plus the tiny islets is 184.4 square kilometers. That is roughly the size of the North Sea islands of Sylt and Föhr put together. So pretty small.

A distinction can be made between two island chains: the eastern Ratak chain, which is also known as the sunrise islands, and the western Ralik chain, the sunset islands.

On this map you can see the location of the two important chains, the Ratak and Ralik chains. Find the famous Bikini Atoll!

The Majuro Atoll, on which the capital of the Marshall Islands is located, is part of the Ratak chain. This includes 14 atolls and two islands with a land area of ​​almost 88 square kilometers. The Ralik Group comprises 15 atolls and three islands and is a bit larger at 93 square kilometers.

The islands are made of coral limestone and only protrude three to four meters above sea level. The atolls were created from undersea volcanic islands. Coral reefs formed ring-shaped around their peaks, which descended. These grew to sea level. One atoll stands out in particular. It is the Likiep Atoll with a height of 10 meters. This is also the highest “mountain” on the islands.


The Marshall Islands lie within the tropical climate belt near the equator. The temperatures are mostly consistently high all year round and are around 27 degrees. The humidity is also high at 85 percent. So it’s always a bit humid.

The likelihood of having to pack an umbrella is much higher between May and November than between December and April. It remains drier in the north than in the south. The downpours are usually very productive. However, most of the rain seeps back into the very permeable soil. In the north there may be problems with the drinking water supply. While typhoons used to be very rare in this area, they are now more common.

Marshall Islands Facts

Size 181 km²
Residents 70,000
Languages Marshallese and English
Capital Majuro
Longest river
Highest mountain Highest point 10 meters above sea level
Currency U.S. dollar