List of Indonesia Airports and Abbreviations

As of 2019, there are 210 airports throughout the country of Indonesia according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Indonesia are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport MLG Malang Small
2 Achmad Uani Airport SRG Semarang Medium
3 Adi Sumarmo Airport SOC Solo City Medium
4 Adisutjipto Airport JOG Yogyakarta Medium
5 Aek Godang Airport AEG Aek Godang Small
6 Alor Island Airport ARD Alor Island Small
7 Amahai Airport AHI Amahai Small
8 Anggi Airport AGD Anggi Small
9 Apalapsili Airport AAS Apalapsili Small
10 Arso Airport ARJ Arso Small
11 Atambua Airport ABU Atambua Small
12 Atauro Airport AUT Atauro Small
13 Ayawasi Airport AYW Ayawasi Small
14 Babo Airport BXB Babo Small
15 Babullah Airport TTE Ternate Small
16 Bade Airport BXD Bade Small
17 Bajawa Airport BJW Bajawa Small
18 Banaina Airport NAF Banaina Small
19 Bandanaira Airport NDA Bandanaira Small
20 Batom Airport BXM Batom Small
21 Batu Licin Airport BTW Batu Licin Small
22 Baubau Airport BUW Baubau Small
23 Benjina Airport BJK Benjina Small
24 Berau Airport BEJ Berau Small
25 Bima Airport BMU Bima Small
26 Bintuni Airport NTI Bintuni Small
27 Blang Bintang Airport BTJ Banda Aceh Medium
28 Bokondini Airport BUI Bokondini Small
29 Bolaang Airport BJG Bolaang Small
30 Bontang Airport BXT Bontang Small
31 Brang Bidji Airport SWQ Sumbawa Small
32 Branti Airport TKG Bandar Lampung Small
33 Bulutumbang Airport TJQ Tanjung Pandan Small
34 Bunyu Airport BYQ Bunyu Small
35 Buol Airport UOL Buol Small
36 Cepu Airport CPF Cepu Small
37 Dabo Airport SIQ Singkep Small
38 Dabra Airport DRH Dabra Small
39 Datadawai Airport DTD Datadawai Small
40 Dobo Airport DOB Dobo Small
41 Elelim Airport ELR Elelim Small
42 Eltari Airport KOE Kupang Small
43 Enarotali Airport EWI Enarotali Small
44 Ende Airport ENE Ende Small
45 English Madeira Airport BCH Baucau Small
46 Ewer Airport EWE Ewer Small
47 Fak Fak Airport FKQ Fak Fak Small
48 Gag Island Airport GAV Gag Island Small
49 Galela Airport GLX Galela Small
50 Gebe Airport GEB Gebe Small
51 Gunung Batin Airport AKQ Astraksetra Small
52 Gunungsitoli Airport GNS Gunungsitoli Small
53 Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport HLP Jakarta Small
54 Hang Nadim Airport BTH Batam Medium
55 Hasanudin Airport UPG Ujung Pandang Medium
56 Husein Sastranegara Airport BDO Bandung Medium
57 Illaga Airport ILA Illaga Small
58 Ilu Airport IUL Ilu Small
59 Inanwatan Airport INX Inanwatan Small
60 Japura Airport RGT Rengat Small
61 Jefman Airport SOQ Sorong Small
62 Juanda Airport SUB Surabaya Large
63 Kaimana Airport KNG Kaimana Small
64 Kambuaya Airport KBX Kambuaya Small
65 Kamur Airport KCD Kamur Small
66 Karimunjawa Airport KWB Karimunjawa Small
67 Karubaga Airport KBF Karubaga Small
68 Kau Airport KAZ Kau Small
69 Kebar Airport KEQ Kebar Small
70 Keisah Airport KEA Keisah Small
71 Kelila Airport LLN Kelila Small
72 Keluang Airport KLQ Keluang Small
73 Kepi Airport KEI Kepi Small
74 Kerinci Airport KRC Kerinci Small
75 Ketapang Airport KTG Ketapang Small
76 Kidjang Airport TNJ Tanjung Pinang Small
77 Kimam Airport KMM Kimam Small
78 Kokonao Airport KOX Kokonao Small
79 Kon Airport KCI Kon Small
80 Kotabangun Airport KOD Kotabangun Small
81 Kotabaru Airport KBU Kotabaru Small
82 Labuha Airport LAH Labuha Small
83 Langgur Airport LUV Langgur Small
84 Larantuka Airport LKA Larantuka Small
85 Lereh Airport LHI Lereh Small
86 Lewoleba Airport LWE Lewoleba Small
87 Lhok Sukon Airport LSX Lhok Sukon Small
88 Lhoksumawe Airport LSW Lhoksumawe Small
89 Long Apung Airport LPU Long Apung Small
90 Long Bawan Airport LBW Long Bawan Small
91 Lunyuk Airport LYK Lunyuk Small
92 Luwuk Airport LUW Luwuk Small
93 Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport PLM Palembang Medium
94 Maliana Airport MPT Maliana Small
95 Mamuju Airport MJU Mamuju Small
96 Mangole Airport MAL Mangole Small
97 Mangunjaya Airport MJY Mangunjaya Small
98 Masalembo Airport MSI Masalembo Small
99 Masamba Airport MXB Masamba Small
100 Matak Airport MWK Matak Small
101 Melangguane Airport MNA Melangguane Small
102 Merdey Airport RDE Merdey Small
103 Mindiptana Airport MDP Mindiptana Small
104 Moanamani Airport ONI Moanamani Small
105 Mokmer Airport BIK Biak Medium
106 Mopah Airport MKQ Merauke Small
107 Morotai Island Airport OTI Morotai Island Small
108 Muko-Muko Airport MPC Muko-Muko Small
109 Mulia Airport LII Mulia Small
110 Mutiara Airport LBJ Labuan Bajo Small
111 Mutiara Airport PLW Palu Small
112 Muting Airport MUF Muting Small
113 Nabire Airport NBX Nabire Small
114 Naha Airport NAH Naha Small
115 Namlea Airport NAM Namlea Small
116 Namrole Airport NRE Namrole Small
117 Nangapinoh Airport NPO Nangapinoh Small
118 Natuna Ranai Airport NTX Natuna Ranai Small
119 Ngurah Rai Airport DPS Denpasar, Bali Large
120 Numfoor Airport FOO Numfoor Small
121 Nunukan Airport NNX Nunukan Small
122 Obano Airport OBD Obano Small
123 Ocussi Airport OEC Ocussi Small
124 Okaba Airport OKQ Okaba Small
125 Oksibil Airport OKL Oksibil Small
126 Padangkemiling Airport BKS Bengkulu Small
127 Palangkaraya Airport PKY Palangkaraya Small
128 Palibelo Airport PBW Palibelo Small
129 Pangkalanbuun Airport PKN Pangkalanbuun Small
130 Pangkalpinang Airport PGK Pangkalpinang Small
131 Pasir Pangarayan Airport PPR Pasir Pangarayan Small
132 Pattimura Airport AMQ Ambon Small
133 Pendopo Airport PDO Pendopo Small
134 Penggung Airport CBN Cirebon Small
135 Pinang Kampai Airport DUM Dumai Small
136 Polania Airport MES Medan Medium
137 Pomala Airport PUM Pomala Small
138 Pondok Cabe Airport PCB Pondok Cabe Small
139 Poso Airport PSJ Poso Small
140 Pulau Panjang Airport PPJ Pulau Panjang Small
141 Purwokerto Airport PWL Purwokerto Small
142 Putussibau Airport PSU Putussibau Small
143 Ransiki Airport RSK Ransiki Small
144 Rendani Airport MKW Manokwari Small
145 Rokot Airport RKI Rokot Small
146 Roti Airport RTI Roti Small
147 Ruteng Airport RTG Ruteng Small
148 Sabang Airport SBG Sabang Small
149 Samarinda Airport SRI Samarinda Small
150 Sampit Airport SMQ Sampit Small
151 Samratulangi Airport MDC Manado Medium
152 Sanana Airport SQN Sanana Small
153 Sanggata Airport SGQ Sanggata Small
154 Sangir Airport SAE Sangir Small
155 Sarmi Airport ZRM Sarmi Small
156 Saumlaki Airport SXK Saumlaki Small
157 Sawu Airport SAU Sawu Small
158 Selaparang Airport AMI Mataram Medium
159 Senggeh Airport SEH Senggeh Small
160 Senggo Airport ZEG Senggo Small
161 Senipah Airport SZH Senipah Small
162 Sentani Airport DJJ Jayapura Medium
163 Sepingan Airport BPN Balikpapan Medium
164 Serui Airport ZRI Serui Small
165 Seunagan Airport MEQ Meulaboh Small
166 Sibisa Airport SIW Sibisa Small
167 Simpang Tiga Airport PKU Pekanbaru Medium
168 Sinak Airport NKD Sinak Small
169 Sintang Airport SQG Sintang Small
170 Sipora Airport RKO Sipora Small
171 Sjamsudin Noor Airport BDJ Banjarmasin Medium
172 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport CGK Jakarta Huge
173 Soroako Airport SQR Soroako Small
174 Steenkool Airport ZKL Steenkool Small
175 Suai Airport UAI Suai Small
176 Sugimanuru Airport RAQ Raha Small
177 Sultan Taha Syarifudn Airport DJB Jambi Small
178 Supadio Airport PNK Pontianak Medium
179 Tabing Airport PDG Padang Medium
180 Taliabu Airport TAX Taliabu Small
181 Tambolaka Airport TMC Tambolaka Small
182 Tana Toraja Airport TTR Tana Toraja Small
183 Tanah Grogot Airport TNB Tanah Grogot Small
184 Tanahmerah Airport TMH Tanahmerah Small
185 Tanjung Balai Airport TJB Tanjung Balai Small
186 Tanjung Santan Airport TSX Tanjung Santan Small
187 Tanjung Selor Airport TJS Tanjung Selor Small
188 Tanjung Warukin Airport TJG Tanjung Warukin Small
189 Tapaktuan Airport TPK Tapaktuan Small
190 Tarakan Airport TRK Tarakan Small
191 Tasikmalaya Airport TSY Tasikmalaya Small
192 Teminabuan Airport TXM Teminabuan Small
193 Timika Airport TIM Tembagapura Medium
194 Tiom Airport TMY Tiom Small
195 Tolitoli Airport TLI Tolitoli Small
196 Tolotio Airport GTO Gorontalo Small
197 Trunojoyo Airport SUP Sumenep Small
198 Tumbang Samba Airport TBM Tumbang Samba Small
199 Tunggul Wulung Airport CXP Cilacap Small
200 Ubrub Airport UBR Ubrub Small
201 Viqueque Airport VIQ Viqueque Small
202 Wagethe Airport WET Wagethe Small
203 Waingapu Airport WGP Waingapu Small
204 Waioti Airport MOF Maumere Small
205 Wamena Airport WMX Wamena Small
206 Waris Airport WAR Waris Small
207 Wasior Airport WSR Wasior Small
208 Wolter Monginsidi Airport KDI Kendari Small
209 Yuruf Airport RUF Yuruf Small
210 Zugapa Airport UGU Zugapa Small

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