India Airports

As of 2019, there are 132 airports throughout the country of India according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in India are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in India

List of All Airports in India

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Agatti Island Airport AGX Agatti Island Small
2 Ahmedabad Airport AMD Ahmedabad Medium
3 Aizawl Airport AJL Aizawl Small
4 Akola Airport AKD Akola Small
5 Along Airport IXV Along Small
6 Amausi Airport LKO Lucknow Medium
7 Bagdogra Airport IXB Bagdogra Medium
8 Bajpe Airport IXE Mangalore Medium
9 Balurghat Airport RGH Balurghat Small
10 Bamrauli Airport IXD Allahabad Small
11 Bareli Airport BEK Bareli Small
12 Begumpet Airport HYD Hyderabad Large
13 Bellary Airport BEP Bellary Small
14 Bhatinda Airport BUP Bhatinda Small
15 Bhavnagar Airport BHU Bhavnagar Medium
16 Bhopal Airport BHO Bhopal Medium
17 Bhubaneswar Airport BBI Bhubaneswar Small
18 Bhuntar Airport KUU Kulu Small
19 Bikaner Airport BKB Bikaner Small
20 Bilaspur Airport PAB Bilaspur Small
21 Borjhar Airport GAU Guwahati Medium
22 Car Nicobar Airport CBD Car Nicobar Small
23 Chabua Airport DIB Dibrugarh Small
24 Chandigarh Airport IXC Chandigarh Medium
25 Chennai Airport MAA Madras (Chennai) Large
26 Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport BOM Bombay (Mumbai) Huge
27 Chikkalthana Airport IXU Aurangabad Medium
28 Civil Airport RAJ Rajkot Medium
29 Civil Airport TRZ Tiruchirapally Medium
30 Cooch Behar Airport COH Cooch Behar Small
31 Cuddapah Airport CDP Cuddapah Small
32 Dabok Airport UDR Udaipur Medium
33 Dabolim Airport GOI Goa Medium
34 Daman Airport NMB Daman Small
35 Daparizo Airport DAE Daparizo Small
36 Darjeeling Airport DAI Darjeeling Small
37 Dehra Dun Airport DED Dehra Dun Small
38 Deparizo Airport DEP Deparizo Small
39 Dhanbad Airport DBD Dhanbad Small
40 Dimapur Airport DMU Dimapur Small
41 Diu Airport DIU Diu Medium
42 Gaggal Airport DHM Dharamsala Small
43 Gandhinagar Airport ISK Nasik Small
44 Gaya Airport GAY Gaya Small
45 Gorakhpur Airport GOP Gorakhpur Small
46 Govardhanpur Airport JGA Jamnagar Small
47 Guna Airport GUX Guna Small
48 Gwalior Airport GWL Gwalior Small
49 Hindustan Airport BLR Bangalore Large
50 Hissar Airport HSS Hissar Small
51 Hubli Airport HBX Hubli Small
52 Indira Gandhi International Airport DEL Delhi Huge
53 Indore Airport IDR Indore Medium
54 Jabalpur Airport JLR Jabalpur Small
55 Jagdalpur Airport JGB Jagdalpur Small
56 Jaisalmer Airport JSA Jaisalmer Small
57 Jeypore Airport PYB Jeypore Small
58 Jodhpur Airport JDH Jodhpur Medium
59 Kailashahar Airport IXH Kailashahar Small
60 Kamalpur Airport IXQ Kamalpur Small
61 Kandla Airport IXY Kandla Small
62 Kanpur Airport KNU Kanpur Small
63 Keshod Airport IXK Keshod Small
64 Khajuraho Airport HJR Khajuraho Medium
65 Kheria Airport AGR Agra Small
66 Khowai Airport IXN Khowai Small
67 Kochi Airport COK Kochi Large
68 Kolhapur Airport KLH Kolhapur Small
69 Kota Airport KTU Kota Small
70 Kozhikode Airport CCJ Kozhikode Medium
71 Kumbhirgram Airport IXS Silchar Small
72 Leh Airport IXL Leh Medium
73 Lilabari Airport IXI Lilabari Small
74 Lohegaon Airport PNQ Pune Medium
75 Ludhiana Airport LUH Ludhiana Small
76 Madurai Airport IXM Madurai Small
77 Malda Airport LDA Malda Small
78 Mohanbari Airport MOH Mohanbari Small
79 Municipal Airport IMF Imphal Medium
80 Muzaffarnagar Airport MZA Muzaffarnagar Small
81 Muzaffarpur Airport MZU Muzaffarpur Small
82 Mysore Airport MYQ Mysore Small
83 Nanded Airport NDC Nanded Small
84 Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport CCU Calcutta (Kolkata) Large
85 Neyveli Airport NVY Neyveli Small
86 Osmanabad Airport OMN Osmanabad Small
87 Pantnagar Airport PGH Pantnagar Small
88 Pasighat Airport IXT Pasighat Small
89 Pathankot Airport IXP Pathankot Small
90 Patna Airport PAT Patna Medium
91 Peelamedu Airport CJB Coimbatore Medium
92 Pondicherry Airport PNY Pondicherry Small
93 Porbandar Airport PBD Porbandar Medium
94 Port Blair Airport IXZ Port Blair Small
95 Puttaprathe Airport PUT Puttaparthi Small
96 Raipur Airport RPR Raipur Medium
97 Raja Sansi Airport ATQ Amritsar Medium
98 Rajahmundry Airport RJA Rajahmundry Small
99 Rajouri Airport RJI Rajouri Small
100 Ramagundam Airport RMD Ramagundam Small
101 Ranchi Airport IXR Ranchi Small
102 Ratnagiri Airport RTC Ratnagiri Small
103 Rewa Airport REW Rewa Small
104 Rourkela Airport RRK Rourkela Small
105 Rowriah Airport JRH Jorhat Medium
106 Rudra Mata Airport BHJ Bhuj Medium
107 Rupsi Airport RUP Rupsi Small
108 Salem Airport SXV Salem Small
109 Salonibari Airport TEZ Tezpur Small
110 Sambre Airport IXG Belgaum Small
111 Sanganeer Airport JAI Jaipur Medium
112 Satna Airport TNI Satna Small
113 Satwari Airport IXJ Jammu Medium
114 Shillong Airport SHL Shillong Small
115 Sholapur Airport SSE Sholapur Small
116 Simla Airport SLV Simla Small
117 Singerbhil Airport IXA Agartala Medium
118 Sonari Airport IXW Jamshedpur Small
119 Sonegaon Airport NAG Nagpur Medium
120 Srinagar Airport SXR Srinagar Medium
121 Surat Airport STV Surat Small
122 Tezu Airport TEI Tezu Small
123 Thanjavur Airport TJV Thanjavur Small
124 Thiruvananthapuram International Airport TRV Thiruvananthapuram Medium
125 Tirupati Airport TIR Tirupati Small
126 Tuticorin Airport TCR Tuticorin Small
127 Vadodara Airport BDQ Vadodara Medium
128 Varanasi Airport VNS Varanasi Medium
129 Vijayawada Airport VGA Vijayawada Small
130 Visakhapatnam Airport VTZ Visakhapatnam Small
131 Warangal Airport WGC Warangal Small
132 Zero Airport ZER Zero Small