Greenland Airports

As of 2019, there are 24 airports throughout the country of Greenland according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Greenland are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Greenland

List of All Airports in Greenland

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Aasiaat Airport JEG Aasiaat Small
2 Alluitsup Paa Airport LLU Alluitsup Paa Small
3 Arsuk Airport JRK Arsuk Small
4 Dundas Airport DUN Dundas Small
5 Harbour Airport XIQ Ilimanaq Small
6 Harbour Airport XEO Oqatsut Small
7 Harbour Airport XEQ Tasiuasaq Small
8 Ilulissat Airport JAV Ilulissat Small
9 Ittoqqortoormiit Airport OBY Ittoqqortoormiit Small
10 Kangerlussuaq Airport SFJ Kangerlussuaq Small
11 Kulusuk Airport KUS Kulusuk Small
12 Nanortalik Airport JNN Nanortalik Small
13 Narsarsuaq Airport UAK Narsarsuaq Small
14 Neerlerit Inaat Airport CNP Neerlerit Inaat Small
15 Nuuk Airport GOH Nuuk Small
16 Paamiut Airport JFR Paamiut Small
17 Pituffik Airport THU Pituffik Small
18 Qaanaaq Airport NAQ Qaanaaq Small
19 Qaarsut Airport JQA Qaarsut Small
20 Qasigiannguit Airport JCH Qasigiannguit Small
21 Qeqertarsuaq Airport JGO Qeqertarsuaq Small
22 Sisimiut Airport JHS Sisimiut Small
23 Tasiilaq Airport AGM Tasiilaq Small
24 Uummannaq Airport UMD Uummannaq Small

Greenland Overview

Greenland (Kalaallit Nunaat), the largest American island, is an overseas territory of Denmark, with an area of ​​2,166,086 km², most of which is covered by perennial ice. There are 58 thousand residents (2017), the vast majority are distributed along the south coast. The capital is Nuuk (Godthäb). In 986, Eric the Ruivo organized an expedition in Iceland, which founded two colonies in Greenland, which he called “green land”. In the 18th century, Danish colonization began. In 1953, Greenland became an integral part of the Kingdom of Denmark and gained self-government in 1979.

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