Germany Airports

As of 2019, there are 104 airports throughout the country of Germany according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Germany are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Germany

List of All Airports in Germany

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Aachen/Merzbruck Airport AAH Aachen Small
2 Airport Nürnberg NUE Nuremberg Large
3 Altenburg Nobitz Airport AOC Altenburg Medium
4 Augsburg – Muehlhausen Airport AGB Munich Small
5 Baltrum Airport BMR Baltrum Small
6 Barth Airport BBH Barth Small
7 Berlin Zoo Airport QWC Berlin Small
8 Bielefeld Airport BFE Bielefeld Small
9 Bindlacher-Berg Airport BYU Bayreuth Small
10 Boeblingen Airport PHM Boeblingen Small
11 Borkum Airport BMK Borkum Small
12 Braunschweig Airport BWE Braunschweig Small
13 Bremen Airport BRE Bremen Medium
14 Bremerhaven Airport BRV Bremerhaven Small
15 Burg Feuerstein Airport URD Burg Feuerstein Small
16 Cochstedt Airport CSO Cochstedt Small
17 Cologne/Bonn Airport CGN Cologne Large
18 Cottbus Airport CBU Cottbus Small
19 Cuxhaven Airport NDZ Nordholz-Spieka Small
20 Cuxhaven/Nordholz Airport FCN Cuxhaven Small
21 Dortmund Airport DTM Dortmund Medium
22 Dresden Airport DRS Dresden Medium
23 Dusseldorf International Airport DUS Dusseldorf Large
24 Echterdingen Airport STR Stuttgart Large
25 Eisenach Airport EIB Eisenach Small
26 Emden Airport EME Emden Small
27 Ensheim Airport SCN Saarbruecken Small
28 Erfurt Airport ERF Erfurt Medium
29 Essen Airport ESS Essen Small
30 Finkenwerder Airport XFW Finkenwerder Small
31 Flugplatz Airport AGE Wangerooge Small
32 Frankfurt International Airport FRA Frankfurt Huge
33 Franz Josef Strauss Airport MUC Munich Huge
34 Friedrichshafen Airport FDH Friedrichshafen Medium
35 Fritzlar Airbase FRZ Fritzlar Small
36 Fuerstenfeldbruck Airport FEL Fuerstenfeldbruck Small
37 Geilenkirchen Airport GKE Geilenkirchen Small
38 Giebelstadt Airport GHF Giebelstadt Small
39 Guetersloh Airport GUT Guetersloh Small
40 Guettin Airport GTI Guettin Small
41 Hahn Airport HHN Frankfurt Medium
42 Hamburg Airport HAM Hamburg Large
43 Hanover Airport HAJ Hanover Large
44 Heide-Buesum Airport HEI Heide-Buesum Small
45 Heidelberg Airport HDB Heidelberg Small
46 Helgoland Airport HGL Helgoland Small
47 Heringsdorf Airport HDF Heringsdorf Small
48 Hof Airport HOQ Hof Medium
49 Holtenau Airport KEL Kiel Small
50 Husum Airport QHU Husum Small
51 Illis Airbase ILH Illisheim Small
52 Ingolstadt-Manching Airport IGS Ingolstadt-Manching Small
53 Juist Airport JUI Juist Small
54 Kaiserslautern Airport KLT Kaiserslautern Small
55 Kassel-Calden Airport KSF Kassel Small
56 Kitzingen Airport KZG Kitzingen Small
57 Koethen Airport KOQ Koethen Small
58 Laage Airport RLG Rostock-Laage Small
59 Lahr Airport LHA Lahr Small
60 Langeoog Airport LGO Langeoog Small
61 Leipzig/Halle Airport LEJ Leipzig/Halle Medium
62 Lemwerder Airport XLW Lemwerder Small
63 Luebeck Airport LBC Hamburg Medium
64 Mannheim Airport MHG Mannheim Small
65 Memmingen Airport FMM Munich Small
66 Mian Yang Airport MIG Mian Yang Medium
67 Moenchen-Gl. – DUS Exp Airport MGL Dusseldorf Small
68 Muenster Airport FMO Muenster Medium
69 Neu Isenburg Airport QGV Frankfurt Small
70 Neubrandenburg Airport FNB Neubrandenburg Small
71 Neumuenster Airport EUM Neumuenster Small
72 Norddeich Airport NOE Norddeich Small
73 Norden Airport NOD Norden Small
74 Norderney Airport NRD Norderney Small
75 Oberpfaffenhofen Airport OBF Oberpfaffenhofen Small
76 Paderborn Airport PAD Paderborn Medium
77 Parchim Airport SZW Schwerin Small
78 Peenemuende Airport PEF Peenemuende Small
79 Pforheim Airport UPF Pforheim Small
80 R.A.F. Airport BGN Brueggen Small
81 RAF Gatow Airport GWW Berlin Small
82 Ramstein Airport RMS Ramstein Small
83 Rechlin Airport REB Rechlin Small
84 Rheindahlen Airport GMY Rheindahlen Small
85 Riesa Airport IES Riesa Small
86 Schaferhaus Airport FLF Flensburg Small
87 Schleswig-Jagel Airport WBG Schleswig-Jagel Small
88 Schoenefeld Airport SXF Berlin Large
89 Sembach Airport SEX Sembach Small
90 Siegerland Airport SGE Siegen Small
91 Soellingen Airport FKB Karlsruhe/Baden Baden Medium
92 Spangdahlem Airport SPM Spangdahlem Small
93 St Peter Airport PSH St Peter Small
94 Station Airport QDU Dusseldorf Small
95 Tegel Airport TXL Berlin Large
96 Tempelhof Airport THF Berlin Small
97 Varrelbusch Airport VAC Varrelbusch Small
98 Wallmuhle Airport RBM Straubing Small
99 Weeze / Niederrhein Airport NRN Dusseldorf Medium
100 Westerland – Sylt Airport GWT Westerland Small
101 Wildenrath Airport WID Wildenrath Small
102 Wilhelmshaven Airport WVN Wilhelmshaven Small
103 Wyk Auf Foehr Airport OHR Wyk Auf Foehr Small
104 Zweibrücken Airport ZQW Zweibrücken Small