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Texas – The largest state in the United States was the only one to be an independent republic prior to joining the Union. Texas means “allies” in Indian, but its own nickname is “Lone Star State”. The Spaniard Alonso de Pineda already sailed along the Texas coast in the 16th century (1519) and in 1541 the Spaniards Cabeza de Vaca and Coronado penetrated inland. The first Spanish settlement, El Paso, was built in 1682. Sam Houston achieved independence from Mexico in 1836 at the famous Battle of Alamo. As the 28th state, it joined the United States in 1845. It was on the side of the Confederates during the American Civil War. The capital is Austin (named after Stephen Austin, Battle of Alamo). The state’s main products are oil, cotton and cattle. The population is approximately 12 million. The state offers many attractions, including the cities of Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso and Corpus Christi. The successor to John F. Kennedy (murdered in Dallas), Lyndon B. Johnson was from Texas.

Texas Population

Texas is the second most populous state in the United States, with an estimated population of 29.1...