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The Kingdom of Bahrain is an Arab country in Southwest Asia, which was once Portuguese. Its territory is an archipelago bathed by the Persian Gulf. It has large oil reserves. There are 1.4 million residents. The capital is Manama. Bahrain Island housed a Sumerian shopping center in the third millennium BC. In the Middle Ages, they joined Islam. Bahrain was ruled by the Portuguese from 1521 to 1602 and, by the Persians, from 1602 until 1783, when it became a dependency on Arabia. In the 19th century, it became a British protectorate. Independence was achieved in 1971. Note: due to the British influence, the spelling “Bahrain” for the name of the country, written in the Latin alphabet, is the best known internationally. “Bahrain” is also found on old maps and in the Illustrated Practical Dictionary (Lello & Irmão, 1941). It was registered as Baharem, in 1707, by the Dutch Pieter van der Aa. The name derives from Arabic, meaning “two seas”. There were attempts to contribute to Bahrain (IBGE) and Bahrain (Aurélio, 2nd edition). However, before being British, Bahrain was Portuguese and was thus written (Da Asia by Diogo de Couto, Lisbon, 1780), a spelling still adopted by several Portuguese authors.

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