Italy Airports

As of 2019, there are 70 airports throughout the country of Italy according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Italy are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Italy

List of All Airports in Italy

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Airfield UDN Udine Small
2 Albenga Airport ALL Albenga Small
3 Arbatax Airport TTB Tortoli Small
4 Aviano Airport AVB Aviano Small
5 Baccarini Airport GRS Grosseto Small
6 Belluno Airport BLX Belluno Small
7 Birgi Airport TPS Trapani Small
8 Bolzano Airport BZO Bolzano Small
9 Capri Airport PRJ Capri Small
10 Ciampino Airport CIA Rome Medium
11 Citta Di Torino Airport TRN Turin Large
12 Comiso Airport CIY Comiso Small
13 Corrado Gex Airport AOT Aosta Small
14 Costa Smeralda Airport OLB Olbia Medium
15 Cristoforo Colombo Airport GOA Genoa Medium
16 Crotone Airport CRV Crotone Small
17 Dei Legionari Airport TRS Trieste Medium
18 Elmas Airport CAG Cagliari Medium
19 Falconara Airport AOI Ancona Medium
20 Fertilia Airport AHO Alghero Medium
21 Fiumicino Airport FCO Rome Huge
22 Fontanarossa Airport CTA Catania Medium
23 Gal Galilei Airport PSA Florence Large
24 Galatina Airport LCC Lecce Small
25 Gino Lisa Airport FOG Foggia Small
26 Guglielmo Marconi Airport BLQ Bologna Large
27 Harbour (Eolie Island) Airport ZIP Lipari Small
28 Harbour (Eolie Island) Airport ZJE Panarea Small
29 Harbour (Eolie Island) Airport ZIQ Salina Small
30 Harbour (Eolie Island) Airport ZJX Stromboli Small
31 Harbour Airport ZJY Ponza Small
32 Harbour Airport ZJJ Procida Small
33 Ischia Airport ISH Ischia Small
34 Jesolo Airport JLO Jesolo Small
35 La Spreta Airport RAN Ravenna Small
36 Lamezia Terme International Airport SUF Lamezia-Terme Small
37 Lampedusa Airport LMP Lampedusa Small
38 Levaldigi Airport CUF Cuneo Small
39 Liberi Airport PSR Pescara Medium
40 Linate Airport LIN Milan Large
41 Lucca Airport LCV Lucca Small
42 Luigi Ridolfi Airport FRL Bologna Medium
43 M. A. Grottag Airport TAR Taranto Small
44 Malpensa Airport MXP Milan Huge
45 Marco Polo Airport VCE Venice Large
46 Marina Di Campo Airport EBA Elba Island Small
47 Marina Di Massa Airport QMM Marina Di Massa Small
48 Miramare Airport RMI Rimini Small
49 Montichiari Airport VBS Verona Medium
50 Naples Airport NAP Naples Large
51 Orio Al Serio (Bergamo) Airport BGY Milan Medium
52 Palese Airport BRI Bari Medium
53 Pantelleria Airport PNL Pantelleria Small
54 Papola Casale Airport BDS Brindisi Medium
55 Parma Airport PMF Milan Small
56 Peretola Airport FLR Florence Medium
57 Peschiei Airport PEJ Peschiei Small
58 Punta Raisi Airport PMO Palermo Medium
59 Rafsu Decimomannu Airport DCI Decimomannu Small
60 San Domino Island Airport TQR San Domino Island Small
61 San Giovanni Rotondo Airport GBN San Giovanni Rotondo Small
62 Sant Egidio Airport PEG Perugia Small
63 Segrate Airport SWK Milan Small
64 Siena Airport SAY Siena Small
65 Sorrento Airport RRO Sorrento Small
66 Tito Menniti Airport REG Reggio Calabria Small
67 Treviso Airport TSF Venice Medium
68 Verona Airport VRN Verona Medium
69 Vicenza Airport VIC Vicenza Small
70 Vieste Airport VIF Vieste Small

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