Finland Airports

As of 2019, there are 32 airports throughout the country of Finland according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Finland are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Finland

List of All Airports in Finland

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Enontekio Airport ENF Enontekio Small
2 Halli Airport KEV Kuorevesi Small
3 Helsinki-Malmi Airport HEM Helsinki Small
4 Helsinki-Vantaa Airport HEL Helsinki Large
5 Hyvinkaa Airport HYV Hyvinkaa Small
6 Ilmajoki Airport SJY Seinajoki Small
7 Ivalo Airport IVL Ivalo Medium
8 Joensuu Airport JOE Joensuu Medium
9 Jyvaskyla Airport JYV Jyvaskyla Medium
10 Kajaani Airport KAJ Kajaani Medium
11 Kauhajoki Airport KHJ Kauhajoki Small
12 Kauhava Airport KAU Kauhava Small
13 Kemi/Tornio Airport KEM Kemi/Tornio Medium
14 Kitee Airport KTQ Kitee Small
15 Kittila Airport KTT Kittilä Medium
16 Kruunupyy Airport KOK Kokkola/Pietarsaari Medium
17 Kuopio Airport KUO Kuopio Medium
18 Kuusamo Airport KAO Kuusamo Medium
19 Lappeenranta Airport LPP Lappeenranta Small
20 Mariehamn Airport MHQ Mariehamn Medium
21 Mikkeli Airport MIK Mikkeli Small
22 Oulu Airport OUL Oulu Medium
23 Pori Airport POR Pori Small
24 Rovaniemi Airport RVN Rovaniemi Medium
25 Savonlinna Airport SVL Savonlinna Small
26 Sodankyla Airport SOT Sodankyla Small
27 Tampere-Pirkkala Airport TMP Tampere Medium
28 Turku Airport TKU Turku Medium
29 Utti Airport UTI Kouvola Small
30 Vaasa Airport VAA Vaasa Medium
31 Varkaus Airport VRK Varkaus Small
32 Ylivieska Airport YLI Ylivieska Small

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