Ethiopia Airports

As of 2019, there are 61 airports throughout the country of Ethiopia according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Ethiopia are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Ethiopia

List of All Airports in Ethiopia

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Aba Tenna D Yilma Airport DIR Dire Dawa Small
2 Arba Mintch Airport AMH Arba Mintch Small
3 Asela Airport ALK Asela Small
4 Asmara International Airport ASM Asmara Medium
5 Asosa Airport ASO Asosa Small
6 Assab Airport ASA Assab Small
7 Awareh Airport AWH Awareh Small
8 Awassa Airport AWA Awassa Small
9 Axum Airport AXU Axum Small
10 Bahar Dar Airport BJR Bahar Dar Small
11 Beica Airport BEI Beica Small
12 Beles Airport PWI Pawi Small
13 Bole Airport ADD Addis Ababa Medium
14 Bulchi Airport BCY Bulchi Small
15 Buno Bedelle Airport XBL Buno Bedelle Small
16 Chagni Airport MKD Chagni Small
17 Combolcha Airport DSE Dessie Small
18 Debra Marcos Airport DBM Debra Marcos Small
19 Debra Tabor Airport DBT Debra Tabor Small
20 Degahbur Airport DGC Degahbur Small
21 Dembidollo Airport DEM Dembidollo Small
22 Fincha Airport FNH Fincha Small
23 Gambela Airport GMB Gambela Small
24 Geladi Airport GLC Geladi Small
25 Genda Wuha Airport ETE Genda Wuha Small
26 Ghimbi Airport GHD Ghimbi Small
27 Ghinnir Airport GNN Ghinnir Small
28 Goba Airport GOB Goba Small
29 Gode/Iddidole Airport GDE Gode/Iddidole Small
30 Gondar Airport GDQ Gondar Small
31 Gore Airport GOR Gore Small
32 Humera Airport HUE Humera Small
33 Indaselassie Airport SHC Indaselassie Small
34 Jigiga Airport JIJ Jijiga Small
35 Jimma Airport JIM Jimma Small
36 Jinka Airport BCO Jinka Small
37 Kabri Dar Airport ABK Kabri Dar Small
38 Kelafo Airport LFO Kelafo/Callaf Small
39 Lalibela Airport LLI Lalibela Small
40 Makale Airport MQX Makale Small
41 Massawa Airport MSW Massawa Small
42 Mekane Selam Airport MKS Mekane Selam Small
43 Mena Airport MZX Mena Small
44 Mendi Airport NDM Mendi Small
45 Misrak Gashamo Airport MHJ Misrak Gashamo Small
46 Mizan Teferi Airport MTF Mizan Teferi Small
47 Mota Airport OTA Mota Small
48 Moyale Airport MYS Moyale Small
49 Mui Airport MUJ Mui Small
50 Neghelli Airport EGL Neghelli Small
51 Nejjo Airport NEJ Nejjo Small
52 Nekemt Airport NEK Nekemt Small
53 Semera Airport SZE Semera Small
54 Shakiso Airport SKR Shakiso Small
55 Shehdi Airport SQJ Shehdi Small
56 Shillavo Airport HIL Shillavo Small
57 Soddu Airport SXU Soddu Small
58 Tippi Airport TIE Tippi Small
59 Tum Airport TUJ Tum Small
60 Waca Airport WAC Waca Small
61 Warder Airport WRA Warder Small