Category: Guide to North Dakota

North and South Dakota – These two states are named after the Indian tribe of the same name, which means “friend”. North Dakota is also called “Sioux State”.
Like Florida, South Dakota has the nickname “Sunshine State”. Both countries were first explored by French fur traders, but only the two explorers Lewis and Clark explored these countries (1804, 1805). To date, there is no railway line in South Dakota. The northern part, however, has had a railway line since 1873. As the 39th and 40th state, both countries joined the Union in 1889. In the battle of wounded knee in South Dakota, the legendary Indian chief Sitting Bull was beaten by the Americans in 1890. The most popular destinations in South Dakota are the Crazy Horse Memorial and the Mount Rushmore National Monument. The capital of the approximately 700,000 inhabitants of South Dakota is Pierre, while Bismarck is the capital of the approximately 600,000 inhabitants of North Dakota. Grain and animal husbandry are the main products of the two countries.