Category: Guide to North Carolina

North and South Carolina – The separation of the two states took place as early as 1710. The states were named after the English king Charles I (Latin Carolus). North Carolina is also known as the “Sea Hell State” (Tar Hell State), while South Carolina is referred to as the “Palmetto State” (Palm State). The sea hero Sir Walter Raleigh landed on Roanoke Island in 1585 and founded the first English colony in America (North Carolina), South, while Carolina was only settled by the English in 1670. Both states became the scene of numerous battles during the War of Independence. North and South Carolina are among the 13 original states of the Union (North Carolina as the 12th state in 1789, South Carolina as the 8th state in 1788). Raleigh is the capital of approximately 5.5 million population of the state of North Carolina, while Columbia is the capital of South Carolina (approximately 3 million inhabitants). The flight pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright made their first powered flight here with Kitty Hawk (1903). Both countries grow cotton and tobacco. Presidents Andrew Johnson, James Knox Polk and Andrew Johnson came from North Carolina.