Weather in Egypt by Month

The climate of Egypt is the main reason for the popularity of this country as a resort destination. Regardless of the season, it is warm and sunny here. Of course, there is also a conditional “ low season ”, but even during this period, local hotels are filled with vacationers. Knowing what the weather is like in Egypt by months, you can plan your vacation more carefully depending on your preferences and needs.


According to the local population, there is nothing to do in Egyptian resorts in January, because the water warms up to only +20 ° C, and the air – up to +21… +23 ° C during daylight hours. However, even such weather in Egypt in January attracts many travelers who want a change of scenery, relax under the warm sun, visit interesting places without queues and crowds of tourists. The main thing is to choose a good hotel with a heated pool and animation. Usually the price of a ticket to Egypt in the second half of January is quite democratic.


The last month of winter is the coldest and most changeable in terms of weather. The air temperature rarely rises above +22 ° C, and the wind and waves on the coast do not allow you to enjoy a full swim in the sea. If you still have planned a vacation for this period, give preference to Sharm El Sheikh hotels located in calm bays – Sharks Bay, Naama, Ras Umm El Sid or Sharm El Maya.


The weather in Egypt in the spring in March is not conducive to a comfortable stay, because gusts of wind are observed throughout the country. And although sandstorms are rare in resorts, it is still better to refuse long promenades and excursions.


With the advent of April comes the high tourist season. Already at the beginning of the month, the wind subsides, the water warms up to a comfortable +24 ° C, and there is still no heat. The average air temperature is +27…+30 °C. In the middle of spring, rest will be equally good at all resorts near the Red Sea – in Sharm, Hurghada, Makadi Bay, Marsa Alam, Dahab and others.


May holidays are considered the best time for vacation, when the air warms up to +30 °С during the day, and the sea – up to +24… +25 °С. For the purpose of the festive spring break, it is better to look for a ticket in advance, because there are a lot of people who want to enjoy beach relaxation before the sweltering heat sets in, and even more so during the long weekend.


The weather in Egypt in summer is really hot. The only thing that compensates for the very high air temperature is the refreshing breeze blowing from the sea. Already in June, the thermometer stays at +35 °С, the water is warmed up to +27 °С. Nevertheless, the summer months are considered ideal for diving and snorkeling – you can explore the underwater world for a long time, and there are practically no jellyfish due to the heat. It will be cooler in the Mediterranean – in Alexandria and Mersa Matruh. Air temperature – +29 °С, water – +24 °С.


It is incredibly hot in Egypt in July. The average temperature on the Red Sea coast is +36…+39 °С during the day. However, even in the height of summer there are many tourists here. If you have planned a sea vacation in the country of the pyramids, take care of sunscreen and a hat. At lunchtime, it is better to relax on a sun lounger under a canopy on site. For people who do not tolerate heat well, we advise you to give preference to the Mediterranean Egyptian regions.


At the end of summer, the hot season continues in the country of the pyramids, and although the Red Sea is like fresh milk – the water temperature in Egypt in August is + 28… + 29 ° С, beach holidays will not be pleasant for everyone. The thermometer during the day sometimes rises to +40 ° C, and certainly at this time you should avoid long excursions. Also, before sunset, it is better not to walk outside the hotel, as there is a risk of getting a heat stroke.


With the advent of autumn, tourist interest in the country rises again. From the second half of September, the air temperature in Egypt gradually drops to a more comfortable +32 ° C, the sea is still very warm, and hotels, water parks, shopping centers are preparing for the high season with might and main.


When in most resort countries the beach season is already coming to an end, the weather in Egypt in autumn in October attracts a huge number of travelers. It is a pleasure to sunbathe and swim in the sea – the air is warmed up to +30 °С, and the water is up to +27 °С. It is worth being prepared for rising prices for tours and excursions, as well as for crowds of people near the main Egyptian attractions.


When planning a trip in November for a vacation with a child, you can’t go wrong. In all resorts, even during the day, you can sunbathe on the beach and splash in the sea without the risk of getting burned. Air and water temperature – 27 °C. However, already at the end of the month in Hurghada, Makadi Bay, Marsa Alam, the heat is replaced by coolness and there are gusts of wind.


Despite the fact that the weather in Egypt in winter is not conducive to beach relaxation – the air in the daytime is warmed up to +24 ° C, vouchers are in great demand. Tourists go to the sea to celebrate the New Year and Christmas on a grand scale. Many hotels prepare a special program and a themed menu, and a festive atmosphere hovers in the resorts.