Norway Airports

As of 2019, there are 61 airports throughout the country of Norway according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Norway are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in Norway

List of All Airports in Norway

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Alta Airport ALF Alta Medium
2 Andenes Airport ANX Andenes Small
3 Aro Airport MOL Molde Medium
4 Banak Airport LKL Lakselv Small
5 Bardufoss Airport BDU Bardufoss Medium
6 Batsfjord Airport BJF Batsfjord Small
7 Berlevag Airport BVG Berlevag Small
8 Bodo Airport BOO Bodo Medium
9 Bringeland Airport FDE Forde Small
10 Bronnoy Airport BNN Bronnoysund Small
11 Dagali Airport DLD Geilo Small
12 Evenes Airport EVE Harstad-Narvik Medium
13 Flesland Airport BGO Bergen Medium
14 Flora Airport FRO Floro Small
15 Framnes Airport NVK Narvik Small
16 Hamar Airport HMR Hamar Small
17 Hammerfest Airport HFT Hammerfest Small
18 Harbour Airport QFQ Maloy Small
19 Harbour Airport QFK Selje Small
20 Hasvik Airport HAA Hasvik Small
21 Haugesund Airport HAU Haugesund Medium
22 Haukasen Airport SOG Sogndal Small
23 Helle Airport SVJ Svolvaer Small
24 Hoeybuktmoen Airport KKN Kirkenes Medium
25 Hovden Airport HOV Orsta-Volda Small
26 Kjaerstad Airport MJF Mosjoen Small
27 Kjevik Airport KRS Kristiansand Medium
28 Klanten Airport GLL Gol Small
29 Kvernberget Airport KSU Kristiansund Medium
30 Leknes Airport LKN Leknes Small
31 Lista Airport FAN Farsund Small
32 Mehamn Airport MEH Mehamn Small
33 Mo I Rana Airport MQN Mo I Rana Small
34 Moss Airport RYG Oslo Small
35 Namsos Airport OSY Namsos Small
36 Nationaltheatret Airport ZZN Nationaltheatret Small
37 Notodden Airport NTB Notodden Small
38 Orland Airport OLA Orland Small
39 Oslo Airport OSL Oslo Large
40 Puente Genil Airport GEN Puente Genil Small
41 Roros Airport RRS Roros Small
42 Ryumsjoen Aprt Airport RVK Roervik Small
43 Sandane Airport SDN Sandane Small
44 Sandefjord Airport TRF Oslo Medium
45 Skagen Airport SKN Stokmarknes Small
46 Skien Airport SKE Skien Small
47 Sola Airport SVG Stavanger Medium
48 Sorkjosen Airport SOJ Sorkjosen Small
49 Spitsberg Airport SYG Svalbard Small
50 Stokka Airport SSJ Sandnessjoen Small
51 Stolport Airport RET Rost Small
52 Stolport Airport VRY Vaeroy Small
53 Stord Airport SRP Stord Small
54 Svalbard Airport LYR Longyearbyen Medium
55 Tromso/Langnes Airport TOS Tromso Medium
56 Vadso Airport VDS Vadso Small
57 Vaernes Airport TRD Trondheim Medium
58 Valan Airport HVG Honningsvag Small
59 Valdres Airport VDB Fagernes Small
60 Vardoe Airport VAW Vardoe Small
61 Vigra Airport AES Aalesund Medium