DR Congo Airports

As of 2019, there are 61 airports throughout the country of Congo-Kinshasa according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Congo-Kinshasa are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that some airports serve internationally, while the other only serve domestically.

Airports in DR Congo

List of All Airports in D.R. Congo

# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Bandundu Airport FDU Bandundu Small
2 Basankusu Airport BSU Basankusu Small
3 Basongo Airport BAN Basongo Small
4 Beni Airport BNC Beni Small
5 Boende Airport BNB Boende Small
6 Boma Airport BOA Boma Small
7 Bumba Airport BMB Bumba Small
8 Bunia Airport BUX Bunia Small
9 Buta Airport BZU Buta Small
10 Dili Airport DIC Dili Small
11 Gandajika Airport GDJ Gandajika Small
12 Gbadolite Airport BDT Gbadolite Small
13 Gemena Airport GMA Gemena Small
14 Goma Airport GOM Goma Small
15 Idiofa Airport IDF Idiofa Small
16 Ikela Airport IKL Ikela Small
17 Ilebo Airport PFR Ilebo Small
18 Inongo Airport INO Inongo Small
19 Kabalo Airport KBO Kabalo Small
20 Kabinda Airport KBN Kabinda Small
21 Kalemie Airport FMI Kalemie Small
22 Kalima Airport KLY Kalima Small
23 Kamenbe Airport BKY Bukavu Small
24 Kamina Airport KMN Kamina Small
25 Kananga Airport KGA Kananga Small
26 Kaniama Airport KNM Kaniama Small
27 Kapanga Airport KAP Kapanga Small
28 Kasenga Airport KEC Kasenga Small
29 Kasongo Lunda Airport KGN Kasongo Lunda Small
30 Kikwit Airport KKW Kikwit Small
31 Kilwa Airport KIL Kilwa Small
32 Kindu Airport KND Kindu Small
33 Kiri Airport KRZ Kiri Small
34 Kisangani Airport FKI Kisangani Small
35 Kolwezi Airport KWZ Kolwezi Small
36 Kongolo Airport KOO Kongolo Small
37 Kota Koli Airport KLI Kota Koli Small
38 Libenge Airport LIE Libenge Small
39 Lisala Airport LIQ Lisala Small
40 Lodja Airport LJA Lodja Small
41 Luano Airport FBM Lubumbashi Medium
42 Luiza Airport LZA Luiza Small
43 Luozi Airport LZI Luozi Small
44 Lusambo Airport LBO Lusambo Small
45 Lusanga Airport LUS Lusanga Small
46 Manono Airport MNO Manono Small
47 Masi Manimba Airport MSM Masi Manimba Small
48 Matadi Airport MAT Matadi Small
49 Matari Airport IRP Isiro Small
50 Mbandaka Airport MDK Mbandaka Small
51 Mbuji Mayi Airport MJM Mbuji Mayi Small
52 Moanda Airport MNB Moanda Small
53 Moba Airport BDV Moba Small
54 Mweka Airport MEW Mweka Small
55 N’Djili International Airport FIH Kinshasa Medium
56 Nioki Airport NIO Nioki Small
57 Nkolo Airport NKL Nkolo Small
58 Punia Airport PUN Punia Small
59 Pweto Airport PWO Pweto Small
60 Tshikapa Airport TSH Tshikapa Small
61 Yangambi Airport YAN Yangambi Small