Weather in Cyprus by Month

Cyprus is an island in the southeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, with an area of about 9 thousand km2 and a population of less than 1 million people. Such a small area of the island is compensated by a significant number of attractions from different eras. In addition, Cyprus has all the conditions for perfect fishing, golf, scuba diving, sailing, paragliding, mountain biking and rock climbing.

The island has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers (average +30°C) and mild and humid winters (average +15°C). At the same time, the west coast is cooler than the east coast. Cyprus has two mountain ranges: Kyrenia on the north coast and Troodos in the southwest. The tops of the mountains are always covered with snow in winter.

The best months to visit the island are from April to October, before the rainy season. Let’s take a closer look at the weather in Cyprus by months.


This is the coldest month in Cyprus. Light day lasts 5-6 hours. The average daily temperature on the island is +15°C. At night, the air temperature drops to +5°C…+7°C. Seasoned travelers and residents of the northern countries who are not spoiled for warmth bathe in the sea. Although it barely warms up to + 16 ° C. The weather in January is windy and rainy. The mountain slopes are covered with snow, which attracts lovers of winter sports.


This month in Cyprus, the sun shines for about 7 hours in a row. During the day, the thermometer rises to +17°C, and at night +7°C. The water temperature is still +16°C…+17°C. At the end of February, the snow on the mountain slopes will melt and a bright carpet of herbs and flowers will come to replace it.


In March, the daylight hours become longer and already reach 8 hours. Water and air warm up faster in spring and on average reach the same level of +17°C…+18°C. At night the thermometer will show +10°C. Due to rising temperatures, the ski season in the Troodos Mountains is coming to an end.


The average daily temperature in April is +22°C, and the night temperature does not fall below +15°C. During a 9-hour daylight hours, the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Cyprus manages to warm up to + 20 ° C. Therefore, in April, the swimming season already begins. Rainfall this month is rare.


In May, summer begins in Cyprus. The average daily temperature on the island is +25°C, varying by 1-2 degrees depending on the region. At night, the thermometer rarely drops below +15°C. Ten hours of sunshine draw chocolate tan lovers to the beach. The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is +21°C…+22°C, which is optimal for swimming.


This month is one of the sunniest of the year. Light day lasts about 13 hours. During the day, the temperature near the coast will show a maximum mark of +26°C, and in the central part of the island up to +32°C. The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is +22°C. At night, the water cools down to about +18°C.


The stable daily temperature in July is +30°C. At the same time, it is even hotter in the center of the country than on the coast. At night, the thermometer does not fall below +20°C. The water temperature reaches +25°C. The probability of precipitation in the flat areas is very low, so drought reigns there. Only at mountain heights can we expect a lower temperature, within +25°C.


August is considered the hottest month in this country. During the day, the air temperature reaches a maximum of +40°C, especially in coastal areas. In the central part of the island, the temperature can reach up to +47°C. Even at night the temperature can be over 25°C. The chance of precipitation tends to zero.
The water temperature reaches 27°C and this is its maximum figure in the year.


If we consider this month in relation to temperature, then we can consider it summer. The maximum daily air temperature is +30°C, at night – +20°C, and water – +25°C. The air temperature in different parts of the island is almost the same, regardless of the region. Daylight is already decreasing and is 10 hours. Precipitation is still quite rare in September.


About 8 hours of sunshine and high air temperature (+27°C…+28°C) are typical for October. You can safely go to the beach and swim in crystal clear sea water, which warms up to +24°C. At night, the temperature drops to +17°C. It will rain in some places with thunderstorms, but very rarely.


When it is rainy and uncomfortable in Central Europe, pleasant weather still lasts in Cyprus: + 22 ° C during the day and + 13 ° C at night. The sea in November warms up to +20°C. For some vacationers, this is not a very comfortable temperature for swimming, so they often just take sunbaths on the beach. Light day lasts only 6 hours. It rains quite often, especially at the end of the month.


This month manifests itself in autumn, accompanied by cloudy and rainy skies. By the standards of Cyprus, it is already quite cool: during the day + 16 ° C… + 17 ° C, and at night + 10 ° C. December is the darkest month of the year. Light day lasts 5 hours. The first snow falls on the peaks of the Troodos, which means that the ski holiday has replaced the beach holiday.