Cities and Towns in Pickens County, Alabama

Founded in 1820, Pickens County is the 50th biggest county by population (out of 67) in the state of Alabama. Historically, Pickens County was formed from Tuscaloosa County. The city of Carrollton is the County seat. With population density of 22.41 residents per square miles, Pickens County has a population of 19,746 and area of 881.41 square miles.

List of all cities and towns in Pickens County, Al

City/Town Postal Code Area Code
Aliceville, AL 35442 205/659
Carrollton, AL 35447 205/659
Coal Fire, AL 35481 205/659
Cochrane, AL 35442 205/659
Ethelsville, AL 35461 205/659
Gordo, AL 35466 205/659
Mc Shan, AL 35471 205/659
McMullen, AL 35442 205/659
Pickensville, AL 35447 205/659
Reform, AL 35481 205/659
Stansel, AL 35481 205/659

Map of Cities in Pickens County, Al

All Cities in Pickens County, Alabama