Somalia Overview

Country Profile

The Somali Republic is located in the most eastern part of Africa. Also known as Somalia, the name means “the milk of cows and sheep.” Covering an area of 637,700 square kilometers, Somalia has a population of 8.59 million, divided into the two major clans of Samale and Sabu. Islam is the state religion, with the Somali and Arabic being the official languages, with English and Italian also spoken. The currency is the Somali shilling, and Mogadishu (MuqdiSho) is the capital..

Somalia National Flag

The Somalia national flag is light blue color with a white five-pointed star in the center. The color is reminiscent of the United Nations flag, and the five-pointed star symbolizes African freedom and independence. It also represents the five angle views that existed in Somalia at that time (now the light carriage Southern), British Somalia (now North), French Somalia (now Djibouti), and the Shan in part of Kenya and Ethiopia.

Somalia Country Flag

History Summary

1,700 years BC, was established to produce spices known “Bonthe country.” During the 7th century, the Arabs began to arrive in Somalia, establishing trade points and a number of the Sultanate. In 1887, the north cable became a British “protectorate,” and in 1925 it became part of the Department of Italian colonies. In 1941, the British took control of Somalia, and in June 1960, the Cable North gained independence. On July 1 of that year the Sonam district also gained independence, and the North and South united to form the Somali Republic.

Economy and Culture Overview

Somalia’s economy is heavily reliant on livestock, with other important agricultural products being sorghum, maize, beans, bananas, and sugar cane. Grazing pasture accounts for about 45% of the total number of head of livestock among the African front; Somalia has been referred to as the “camel Kingdom”. Somalia’s reputation for producing precious frankincense and myrrh earned it the ancient name of “spice of state,” especially since its frankincense and myrrh is considered the best in the world. In Somalia, camels are a sign of wealth. Camel milk is valuable for making cheese, a major food. People are superstitious about camels and never blaspheme around one or to one. Even taking a photograph of a came l is forbidden.

Somalia Map

Somalia Map

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