Sierra Leone Overview

Country Profile

Sierra Leone in West Africa, all known as the Republic of Sierra Leone. Portuguese means “Lion.” Area of 7.2326 million square kilometers j. Population of 5.6 million, mainly Mandy race, Tai Munai family, Limba and more than 20 tribes. Residents are Islam and Christianity. The official language is English. Money for the Leon. Capital, Freetown (Freetown).

Sierra Leone National Flag

Sierra Leone’s flag is green, white and blue: green is a symbol of agriculture, natural resources and the mountains, white signifies unity and justice and blue the sea and a symbol of hope.

Sierra Leone Country Flag

History Summary

In the 13th century, the Mandy people came into the area. In 1462, the Portuguese colonialists invaded. The Netherlands, France and Britain also followed the arrival of colonialists. Then, 400 “free” slaves, settled in Freetown (the Liberty City). In 1808, the coastal areas became a British colony. In 1896, it became a British protectorate. On April 27, 1961, there was a declaration of independence, but it remained in the Commonwealth. On April 19, 1971, it became a republic.

Economy and Culture Overview

Low-lying to the east, the west of Sierra Leone is hilly and plateaus, 500 to 600 m above sea level. It has a backward economy, mainly agriculture and mining. Crops are rice, cassava, palm oil and coffee. Diamond, gold, bauxite and iron ore mining are also common. It has rich fishery resources, mainly Bangka, tuna, yellow croaker, herring and prawns.

Sierra Leone’s diamonds have a high purity. The country’s good processing technology means it is known as “the diamond town.” The “Star of Sierra Leone” diamond weighed 969.9 kt. The local mining industry can be divided into two categories: the mechanized mining of large companies and individual miners. The Ceva River gravel contains diamonds over an area of 160 km. There is a prevalence of secret societies; men generally have to join a club and outsiders cannot enter without permission.

Sierra Leone Map

Sierra Leone Map

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