Saint Lucia Overview

Country Profile

Saint Lucia is located in the central eastern Caribbean, and is part of the Windward Islands. Covering an area of 616 square kilometers, the island has a population of 160,000, 90% of whom are of African descent. Residents are Catholic and English is the primary language. The currency is the East Caribbean dollar and the capital is Castries.

Saint Lucia National Flag

The flag has a blue backdrop, with a white, black, and yellow triangle. Blue symbolizes the surrounding ocean, the triangle denotes volcanoes, yellow symbolizes the beaches and sun, and the black and white represent the country’s two main ethnic groups.

Saint Lucia Country Flag

History Summary

The first residents of Saint Lucia were Indian. In 1659 the British invaded, and the island later became occupied by the French in 1651 The British and French fought for a long time over the island, and in 1814, under the Treaty of Paris, it was officially classified as a British colony. On February 22, 1979, independence was declared, and St. Lucia joined the Commonwealth.

Saint Lucia Map

Saint Lucia Map

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