Paraguay Overview

Country Profile

The Republic of Paraguay is a landlocked country located in south-central South America, named after the Paraguay River. An area of 407,000 square kilometers is home to a population of about 5.2 million, predominantly Mestizo. Residents are Catholic and the official languages are Spanish and Guarani. The currency is the Guarani and Asuncion is the capital.

Paraguay National Flag

Paraguay’s flag contains three horizontal strips of red, white, and blue, with an emblem in the center.

Paraguay Country Flag

History Summary

Paraguay was first inhabited by the indigenous Guarani people. In 1537, it was colonized by Spain. On May 14, 1811, independence was declared. In 1865, the Lopez Government consolidated and expanded the site independence, attacked Brazil to the southwest. Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay, the combined forces of the Palestinian
Paraguay declared war, and after five years of war, Pakistani suffered a military defeat, and the Lopez government ceded territory and nearly half of the narrow boundaries of Paraguay. Since the 1970s, power has shifted between the Colorado Party and Liberal Party.

Economy and Culture Overview

Paraguay’s economy is based on agriculture, animal husbandry, and forestry, but is one of the poorest industries in Latin America. The major agricultural products are corn, wheat, rice, cotton, tobacco, and tea. Paraguay is one of the main exporters of meat, timber, cotton, tobacco, and vegetable oil, importing machinery, vehicles, fuel, and chemicals. Paraguayan hospitality generation rife with mate, that of friendship. 5-day cold days has become the custom of celebrating the new year.


The Paraguay River runs north to south, dividing the country into two parts: the east is mountainous, with hills and undulating plains, and the west is comprised mainly of forests and grasslands. The river is rich in resources, and the forest covers 51% of the total land area, with walnut growing in abundance. Ax breaking ground extremely hard wood is the raw material extracted tannins.

Itaipu dam
Itaipu Hydropower Station is the largest in the country, located on the Paraná River between Brazil and Paraguay. It is the world’s second largest hydropower station, generating a total power of 12.6 million kilowatts (second only to China’s Yangtze River Three Gorges Power Station). This hydro-electric dam is 7,744 meters long, 196 meters high, and is the world’s highest dam (the Three Gorges Dam is 2,500 meters long and 185 meters high).

Paraguay Map

Paraguay Map

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