Palau Overview

Country Profile

The Republic of Palau, comprised of more than 200 volcanic islands and atolls, is located in the western Pacific. Covering an area of 458 square kilometers, Palau has a population of about 20,000, mostly Polynesian, Malay, and Melanesian. Residents are Christian or Roman Catholic, and the official language is Palauan, with English widely spoken. The Currency is the U.S. dollar and the capital is Koror.

Palau National Flag

Palau’s flag is blue, with a golden moon at the center, a symbol of national unity and an end to foreign domination.

Palau Country Flag

History Summary

In 1710 Palau was discovered by Spanish explorers, and by 1885 it was occupied by Spain. In 1898 it was sold to Germany, with the Japanese later seizing it. During World War II the United States occupied the island during the capture. In 1947, the Palau pay the United States managed by the United Nations. October 1, 1994 the end of trusteeship status as an independent sovereign state. In the same year in December, Palau joined the United Nations.

Economy and Culture Overview

Agriculture dominates the economy, with . Xi products, coconut, betel nut, sugar cane, pineapple and so on being produced. Coral and pearls are also cultivated, with the fishing industry being developed.

Palau Map

Palau Map

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