Mauritania Overview

Country Profile

Mauritania is located in the western sub-Saharan Africa known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania whole. Maori means “black person.” An area of 1.03 million square kilometers. Population of 3.09 million, mainly Moors, black and Halatine people. Residents are Muslim. The official language is English Arbour, General French. UM currency. The capital Nouakchott.

Mauritania National Flag

The flag is green, with a central yellow crescent and a curved yellow five-pointed star. Green is the favorite color of Muslims and the Muslim crescent and star is the national symbol of prosperity and hope.

Mauritania Country Flag

History Summary

In the seventh century, the Arabs established the feudal kingdom of Mauritania. In 1912, it was reduced to a French colony. In 1957, it became semi-autonomous republic and in 1958, a “French community” in the Autonomous Republic, known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. On November 28, 1960, there was a declaration of independence.

Economy and CultureĀ Overview

Mauritania is one of the world’s least developed countries. The residents are engaged in farming, mainly cattle, sheep and camels, in which camels are regarded as national treasures. Fishing plays an important role in the national economy. Nouadhibou is the country’s largest seaport. Fish production and export is the main source of foreign exchange earnings.

From a geographical, cultural and social point of view, it has both Arab and African customs. Mauritanians used to live in tents, because the local climate is dry and hot during the day. Mauritanian women are as fat as those in the United States. The larger the woman, the more widely recognized her beauty. Men’s clothing is a 5 m long black cloth wrapped around his head and face, revealing only the eyes.

Camels are Mauritania’s national treasures. Because of the desert drought and water shortage, people often drink camel milk’s still. Whenever guests came to visit, people will rush to meet the flocks of camels, and then out of bowl of camel milk, let the guests take turns to drink, to show respect. Luoying Bin Li is the highest foreign dignitaries welcomed by Mauritanian etiquette.

Mauritania Map

Mauritania Map

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