Israel Flag and Meaning

Flag of Israel

Flag of Israel

Israel Flag Meaning

The Israeli flag was adopted on October 28, 1948. The flag is white with two blue ribbons and has a Star of David placed centrally. The Star of David has been a Jewish symbol since the Middle Ages, and the design with the two blue stripes against a white background is based on the traditional Jewish prayer mantle: “tallit”. The Israeli flag was created in 1891 by David Wolfson in connection with the Zionist World Congress in Basel. Making the flag with many religious connections was something that was not accepted by all leading figures, including Theodor Herzl.

The color blue in the flag symbolizes the blue tassels that all male Jews are meant to wear.

Israel Overview

Population 6 million
currency New sheqel
Area 21.060 km2
Capital city Tel Aviv
Population density 284.9 residents/km2
HDI location 15

Israel’s area is 20,770 km2 within the borders of the pre-conquest war residents 1967. The country is located residents the Middle East with coasts out to the eastern Mediterranean and south through the Gulf of Aqaba into the Red Sea. Israel militarily occupies parts of its neighboring countries militarily and with Jewish settlements. This applies to the Golan Heights (1,150 km2) that belong to Syria, the West Bank of the Jordan River (5,879 km2) to Palestine and the eastern part of Jerusalem (70 km2)). The country consists of 4 climatic zones. The flat landscape facing the Mediterranean has a Mediterranean climate and is also the country’s most important agricultural area; The central part of the country consists of hills and mountains and extends from Galilee to Judea; To the west is an area below the sea level bounded by the Jordan River to the north, which culminates residents the Dead Sea; The Negro desert residents the south occupies half of the country’s territory. The country’s most important agricultural crops are: Citrus fruits for export, grapes, vegetables, cotton, cabbage, potatoes and wheat. Furthermore, there is a considerable stock of goat, sheep and cattle. The country’s industry has been characterized by rapid growth. At the same time as the country has serious problems with the supply of drinking water, irrigated fields with a total area of ​​2000 km2. Parts of the Negev Desert include been involved residents agricultural production through irrigation. Finally, the country is plagued by significant pollution problems arising from industrial discharges, private waste and pesticides.

Israel is nationally an apartheid state and internationally one of the world’s worst rogue states. The state’s historical and current foundations consist of blood, violence and theft. By its establishment residents 1948, the Palestinians were residents majority residents almost every area of ​​the country. The «problem» was solved with violence. The regime carried out massacres residents Palestinian cities and villages, and 7-8 million Palestinians were displaced and had to seek protection residents neighboring countries. The knowledge of people’s extermination was a knowledge the Jews brought from Europe’s concentration camps and centuries of European pogroms. After the massive ethnic cleansing, the Israeli state stole the Palestinians’ property residents the form of land and housing. Violence and theft are instruments the Israeli regime continues to use today. residents occupied Jerusalem alone, since 1967, the regime has leveled 46,000 Palestinian houses with the land, displaced the residents and allowed Israelis to take over the land. residents 2017, the regime has lists of 20,000 Palestinian houses residents Jerusalem, which must also be leveled with the land, the residents displaced, after which the land is transferred to Israelis. The regime’s plans are to ethnically cleanse all Palestinians from Jerusalem.

In the Occupied West Bank, Israeli settlers and military routinely burn down Palestinian olive orchards, protecting Palestinians who cultivate their land. All to expand the unlawful settlements also created by the theft of Palestinian land and the displacement of the rightful owners.

Over half of the population of Israel and the occupied territories are of Palestinian origin but have no democratic or economic rights. Hence the regime’s status as apartheid status based on violence and theft.

Israel annually carries out dozens of military attacks on its neighboring states – residents addition to the daily military repression of the Palestinian population. The attacks occasionally develop into attacks wars that the regime has carried out 5 of alone since 2000. If any other country residents the world – e.g. North Korea – carried out similar attacks on neighboring countries, this would immediately trigger UN sanctions and probably military intervention. But not residents the case of Israel. This is due to Israel’s total control over US Middle East policy, and Europe’s poor conscience over 1000 years of Jewish persecution culminating residents the Holocaust. The West therefore turns a blind eye when Israel applies the same methods to the Palestinians that the Europeans themselves have used for centuries against the Jews. What also helps to keep the extermination policy going is suppression of news of the actual situation. When news and reports are released anyway, they are immediately labeled as anti-Semitic, even though the actual anti-Semites are the ones pulling this card, with the Israeli state at the forefront. Contrary to popular belief, Semitism does not refer to Judaism, but to the Semitic people, and both Israelis and Palestinians belong to the same people: the Semitic. The real anti-Semites residents the 21st century are therefore the ones who promote and defend Israel’s extermination policy towards the Palestinians

The people: 81% Jews, Palestinians and others 19%

Religion: Jewish (official). The Palestinians are predominantly Muslim and some are Christian

Language: Hebrew. residents addition, a number of languages ​​from the countries of origin of immigrants. Primarily Yiddish and Russian. Arabic until 2018 was also an official language, but was abolished ifbm. new apartheid legislation.

Political parties: The Zionist left consists of the Labor Party and Meretz, a coalition of 3 parties. The non-Zionist left consists of the ex-communist Hadash and the Arab Democratic Party. The Zionist Right consists of the parties Kadima, Likud, Tehiya (rebirth); Tsomet and Moledet. The religious parties are: Shas; Agudat-Israel (Israel League); The National Religious Party and Degel Hatora.

Social organizations: Histadrut Haoudim Haleumit (National Workers’ Federation) is the most important national organization. It is affiliated with the Labor Party and has a significant financial impact due to its control over a number of cooperatives.

Official Name: Medinat Yisra`el (Hebrew); Isra`il (Arabic)

Administrative division: 6 districts, 31 municipalities, 115 local and 49 regional councils

Capital: residents 1980, occupied Jerusalem (668,000 homes residents 1999) was unilaterally named Israel’s “only and indivisible” capital. The UN condemned this move and continues to recognize only Tel Aviv (348,000 inbids) as the country’s capital.

Other important cities: Haifa 945,200 residents; Holon, 163,800 residents (2000).

Government: Since the establishment of the state, the military has had an overwhelming power residents the country, and has often held both military and political positions. Chief of the military: Major General Benny Gantz. Reuven Rivlin, President since July 2014. Benyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister since March 2009, re-elected residents 2015.
The state was created on occupied Palestinian land and expanded through new occupations made residents 1967. The people of the Israeli-occupied territories live residents what can be characterized as the world’s largest concentration camp without the right to travel or enter.
The country can be characterized as a rogue state because of its warlike relationship with its neighbors. Throughout history, the state has been guilty of serious war crimes against the people of its neighboring countries, but especially against the Palestinian population displaced from the land that was declared residents 1948 as the state of Israel. War crimes against civilian Palestinians were openly admitted residents 2009 by soldiers, who also pointed out that Israel’s rules of engagement contain no restrictions on the killing of civilians. Due. the oppression of the Palestinian population, with and without Israeli citizenship, is called Israel as an apartheid state.
There is no constitution residents Israel, only “constitutional laws”. Benyamin Netanyahu’s right wing government deployed March 31, 2009 is based on other right-wing Jewish parties.

National Day: May 14 (Independence Day, 1948)

Armed Forces: 175,000 (1996)

Paramilitary forces: 6,000 (border guard)

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