What is the Capital of Guatemala? Guatemala City

Guatemala Guatemala City

Guatemala City, Capital of Guatemala; 942,300 in. (2000), with surrounding areas the city has approx. 2 million homes and is Central America’s largest city. The city is located on a fertile highland, 1490 meters above sea level, between the volcanoes Fuego, Agua and Pacaya. The latter is one of Guatemala’s most active volcanoes. The city has a large trade, especially with coffee, and the manufacture of textile products, cement, leather goods, furniture, tobacco, foodstuffs etc. Several universities, the oldest founded in 1676, national library, museums, observatories and botanical gardens. Archbishop seat. Norwegian Embassy since 1994.

Ciudad de Guatemala is a regularly landscaped city with wide streets and many parks and open spaces. Prominent buildings are the National Palace (completed 1943), the Cathedral (1782-1815) and the City Hall.

Guatemala was built in 1776 and became the country’s third capital (after Ciudad Vieja, 30 km in the southwest, destroyed in 1527 and destroyed by the outbreak of Agua in 1541, and Antigua, 25 km in the southwest, created in 1547 and destroyed by an earthquake in 1773). 1917-18, Guatemala was also destroyed by earthquakes and has been rebuilt in a modernized form. Affected by earthquake in February 1976.

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