What is the Capital of Gambia? Banjul

Banjul is the capital of the Gambia. The town is located furthest to the west, on the island of St. Mary at the mouth of the Gambia River. The city has about 35,000 residents, while the metropolitan area has about 380,000 residents (2020).

From Banjul there is the export of peanuts, palm kernels and more. The city has food industry, tourist traffic and Anglican and Catholic bishopric. Yundum Airport is located 25 kilometers southwest of the city. The airport has been developed by NASA as a backup landing site for US spacecraft. Abuko Nature Reserve is located about 20 kilometers south of the city.

Banjul was founded in 1816 by the British. Until 1973, the town of Bathurst was named.

Gambia Location Map

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