Gabon Overview

Country Profile

The Republic of Gabon is located in central and western Africa, covering an area of 267,700 square kilometers. It has a population of 1.29 million, mainly aromatic, the Fang family in more than 40 tribes. Catholicism and Protestantism are the primary religions, and French is the official language. The currency is the CFA franc and the capital is Libreville.

Gabon National Flag

The national flag of Gabon is comprised of three horizontal strips of green, symbolizing the forest, yellow, denoting the sun, and blue, reminiscent of the ocean.

Gabon Country Flag

History Summary

In the 12th century BC, the Bantu moved from eastern Africa, in the Ogooue river to establish a number of tribal kingdoms. In the 15th century, Portuguese sailors arrived in Gabon, with the French arriving in the 18th century. In 1911 the country was transferred to Germany, but after World War I it returned to French possession, becoming a “French Community” in the “autonomous republic” In 1958. On August 17, 1960, independence was declared.

Economy and Culture Overview

Gabon is located in the equatorial tropical climate zone, which results in high temperatures and precipitation. Dense forests cover 85% of the total land area, with timber reserves of about 400 million cubic meters. U.S. Olympic worthy of precious wood and ebony output ranked first in the world, including ebony as the “king of precious wood,” Yu said, “green gold of the country.” Gabon is rich in mineral resources, with some of the best ore and manganese dioxide reserves in the world. Petroleum, manganese, uranium, and timber are the four pillars of its economy.
Add Lin’s hotels, restaurants and public buildings illustrate the unique style of painting in Africa. Performances depict Gabon’s traditional tribal life, nature, or the landscape, giving the viewer a sense of Africa’s exotic flavor.

Gabon’s society is comprised of extended families, generally patrilineal clan groups, many of whom live in the isolated forest. The Fang tribe’s traditional handmade wooden sculptures are renowned. Within the virgin forests live the world’s smallest people, known as Pygmies. Adult Pygmies have an average height of only 1.4 meters, which is suited to a live of hunting.

Gabon Map

Gabon Map

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