Currency in Maldives

“Rufiyaa” or “Maldives rupee” is the name of the national currency of the Maldives. Your ISO code is MVR. There are several abbreviations for the Maldivian currency: Rf, MRf or the symbol ރ, which means “R” in the Maldives’ Thaana ABC.

The introduction of the rufiyaa began in 1981 after the establishment of the Maldivian Central Bank. Originally only banknotes with a value of 5 to 500 rufiyaa were in circulation.

But on November 1st In 2015 a new series of banknotes was introduced, which now also includes a 1000 rufiyaa banknote. Each banknote has dimensions of 150 × 70 mm and is made from a polymer substrate.

The notes are labeled in English and the national language of the Maldives, Dhivehi, so that anyone who speaks English knows which note is in their hands. Each Maldivian rupee is made up of 100 laari, which are available as coins. These coins have a value of 5, 10, 25, 50 Laari or 1 and 2 Rufiyaa.

Exchange into local currency

The special thing about the currency of the Maldives is that it can neither be imported nor exported. Therefore you have to change the currency in the Maldives. It is advisable to take small US dollar bills rather than euro with you, because the US dollar is exchanged at a much cheaper rate than the euro for tourists.

What else should a tourist know about the Maldivian currency? It is not necessary to exchange your money for the Maldivian currency. Because US dollars are accepted everywhere, although you need small bills because one US dollar is 12-15 rufiyaa. Many hotel and shopping bills are also given directly in US dollars, which is why you always have to look carefully at the currency in which the respective invoice was issued. However, the exchange rate can be significantly worse.

The euro, on the other hand, is rarely accepted and at a significantly worse exchange rate, which is why you shouldn’t even try to pay with euro bills or coins.

Paying with Visa or Mastercard is also possible and, depending on the bank, may be subject to more or less favorable fees and exchange rates.