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The Republic of Armenia (Hayastani Hanrapetoutyun) is a landlocked country in the Caucasus with a sea. Its territory involves Lake Sevan (Sevana Lich). The average altitude is 1,800 m. The highest point is Mount Aragats (4,090m). There are 3 million residents (2016). The capital is Yerevan. The ancient civilization of Armenia achieved great prosperity in the 1st century BC. Later, it was part of the Roman Empire and formally adopted Christianity in the 4th century. In the 20th century, it was one of the Soviet republics and gained independence in 1991.

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Armenia, South Caucasus State, Western Asia; 29,800 km2, 3 million residents (2019).Armenia borders Georgia in the north,...

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Embassies of Armenia

List of all Armenia embassies and consulates in foreign countries or regions, including the city where it...