Aruba Facts

Aruba, island in the Lesser Antilles, in the southern Caribbean; 193 km², 105 700 residents (2018). Aruba, located 25 km north of Venezuela’s coast, is mostly plains, and the climate is warm and dry. Water scarcity is a major problem and an obstacle to agricultural development. Oil refining and storage of oil, mainly from Venezuela, used to be the dominant industry, but nowadays the tourism industry is completely dominant. Some chemical industry is also on Aruba. The island’s largest cities are the capital Oranjestad and Sint Nicolaas.

Aruba has been Dutch since the 1630s and was part of the Netherlands Antilles from 1845 to 1985.

Aruba (Netherlands)

Aruba is located in the southern Caribbean, to the west of the Lesser Antilles. An area of 193 square kilometers is home to a population of 96,000, most of whom are Indians and mixed-blooded descendants of white Europeans. Residents are Catholic and the official language is Dutch, although Pa Biman, Spanish, and English are also spoken. The currency is the Aruba and the capital is Oranjestad.

Aruba Flag

Aruba Country Flag

History Summary

The earliest residents of Aruba were the Arawak Indians. In 1499, the Spanish occupied the island, with it later changed hands in 1645, when the Dutch took over. In 1807 it was seized by the British, only to later return to the jurisdiction of the Netherlands in 1814, becoming part of the Netherlands Antilles. On January 1, 1986, the country announced its official separation from the Netherlands Antilles and the Dutch, becoming a separate political entity. However, the Netherlands retains responsibility for the island’s defense and foreign affairs.

Economy and Culture Overview

Aruba’s economy is dependent on oil refining (including oil transport and petroleum products) and tourism. Year-round sunshine, tropical scenery, the famous palm beaches, and early Indian cave art attracts many visitors. Government doctors to provide free trip to the residents of non-compulsory education, education system, like the Netherlands.

Aruba Map

Aruba Map